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Tecno Live

TecnoF monitors have the functionality of a high-tech maternal-fetal analysis, offers the most advanced integrated monitoring for the delivery room, designed for situations on the move, meets all the needs before, during and after delivery.

Tecno F2

Tecno F3

Tecno F2 and F3 addresses the needs of obstetric departments, both in clinics and hospitals, the Tecno F2 and F3 Monitor are incredibly lightweight and portable, making it suitable for outpatient service.


Tecno F6

High quality, hospital grade fetal monitor designed for use in both hospital and clinical settings. TecnoF6 is a fetal and maternal monitor, all in one, and has a series of twins function. The TecnoF6 Fetal Monitor comes complete with the latest generation Insight software for data management.


Tecno FTS-6

Tecnomedics presents the TecnoFTS6 centralized telemetric monitoring workstation for OB / GYN, with a capacity for up to 12 beds, which improves the efficiency of the nursing staff and the work environment. The telemetric system allows centralized monitoring of twins and triplets by caregivers, who

they can first review the status data of all pregnant patients from the computer and then approach the patient who requires more attention. On the other hand, by dispensing with the bedside monitor, there is more free space for family gatherings in the room.


Tecno F9


Tecno F9 Maternal and Fetal Monitor uses a waterproof 12-crystal 1.0 MHz transducer to produce a broader ultrasound beam with a more homogeneous signal for advanced performance in all phases of the birthing process.

•Antepartum: Before delivery, detection of the fetal heart rate, as well as the maternal heart rate to differentiate signal overlaps.

•Intrapartum: During labor, Tecno F9 supports intensive birthing condition and consistently maintains monitoring results.

•Postpartum: After delivery, the health status of new mothers remains critical and their vital signs should continue to be monitored.



Central Monitoring System

It offers a complete centralized monitoring solution for all Tecno F Series bedside monitors.

It provides seamless monitoring management, from transport to intensive care or ward monitoring, offering easy access to monitoring technologies.


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