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Tecno Live

The TecnoLive SE series of electrocardiographs suitable for use in spaces limited by mobility, is an effective solution for any clinical situation presented in the areas of hospitalization, routine examinations or emergencies.

Tecno Live SE-18

• DE15 / DE18 sampling box with convenient sampling button and signal quality indicator

• Multi-user permission settings

• Powerful improved technical specifications provide reliable signal quality.

• Direction reversal function to easily rectify incorrect electrode placement.

• Automatic arrhythmia detection automatically highlights the part of the arrhythmia in the

ECG traces.

• The event marker allows you to take notes at any time during the event.


• The description of the characteristic gives you more confidence in the conclusion of the diagnosis.

• Report comparison provides you with an easy way to compare ECG traces

• Stress test function (optional)


Tecno Live SE-12

• 12 channels and large high resolution color touch screen

•Alphanumeric keyboard

• One-touch operation

• Improved weak signal detection

• Complete filters and anti-noise technology

• Freeze and review of ECG waveforms in real time.

• Advanced Glasgow algorithm for automated measurements and interpretation.

• Integrated high resolution thermal printer with support for external USB printer (optional).

• Enlarged printing.

• Large internal memory that can be expanded with a USB flash disk.

• Built-in data management with report review.

• LAN / Wi-Fi connections (optional).

• Bidirectional communication with the SE-1515 Data Management System.

• Export of multi-format reports (optional).


Tecno Live SE-601

• Portable and lightweight design: Convenient for mobile use and in offices with limited space.
• Easy operation and intuitive use: Alphanumeric keyboard and one-touch operations.

• Power: Internal rechargeable li-ion battery and ac / dc power.

• Pacemaker Detection: Pacemaker detection conforming to ANSI / AAMI EC1 1 requirements.
• Interpretation: Automatic measurement and interpretation for children and adults.

• Periodic recording Two-step test with periodic recording.


Tecno Live SE-301

The Tecno Live SE-301 Diagnostic ECG is specially designed for those seeking portability without compromising clinical performance. The ultra-compact design for portability makes you feel free to take it wherever you want.

• Ultra-compact and lightweight design.

• High resolution color touch screen.

• Integral filters and anti-noise technology.

• Enhanced powerful technical specifications providing reliable signal quality

• Simultaneous 12-lead acquisition and display.

• Linear / 2D barcode scanner support

TecnoLive SE-3/300

Los ECG de 3 canales actualizados de la serieo TecnoLive SE-3/300 le proporcionan una solución de visualización mucho mejor en comparación con los modelos anteriores.

  • Dispositivos compactos de ECG de 3 canales que permiten el muestreo y la visualización simultánea de 12 derivaciones.

  • Capacidad de inicio rápido y el flujo de trabajo con un solo botón.

  • Los antiguos modelos de pantalla ancha se han actualizado a una pantalla a color para darle una muestra más vívida de los rastros, y los modelos de pantalla estrecha, ahora pueden mostrar todas las formas de onda de 12 derivaciones con una nueva pantalla 4:3.


Tecno Live SE-1515

It aims to provide a more professional solution in resting ECG and ECG stress testing.

Beyond the common 12-lead ECG, it also supports the 15/16-lead resting test, which has proven to be a very useful tool in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction.

The stress testing function has been greatly improved as well compared to the previous generation.

Important parameters such as double product, FAI%, and the Duke scoring system are configured to allow you to have a complete understanding of the patient's heart condition.

Tecno Live PADECG

• ECG mobile use and compatible with Android and IOS (apple) *

• Uses the DX12 transmitter unit

• Offers 12-lead resting ECG

• Storage of files in various formats; DICOM, DAT, PDF, JPG, FDA- XML, SCP, BMP

• Advanced level of diagnosis, analysis and editing of interpretation or any parameter.

• Modern looking application based on Android and IOS operating system.

• Different gorgeous display styles for you to choose from
• Great portability gives you more freedom on the go
• Wireless sampling box provides more convenience for patients

• User friendly features optimized for touch screen

• Optimized workflow
• Automatic measurement and analysis.
• Convenient data transmission solution


* Does NOT include tablet

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