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Tecno Pump

Infusion pumps

TecnoPump MS-31

Syringe Infusion Pumps

MS-31 is packed with powerful features and elegant design.
1.5kg light 6.8cm thick. MS-31 supports syringe sizes from 2 ml to 60 ml. One pump for all applications.

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TecnoPump MI-20

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TecnoPump MI-20 is equipped with powerful features and elegant design,

with the innovative advance that we develop in each of our products.

TecnoPump Me-10

TecnoPump Me-12

Feed Infusion Pumps

Rotational pump to keep the flow stable and thus help the digestion system of the patient for rehabilitation. Rinse with water to reduce risk of occlusion and manage fluid balance.

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The feed and discharge infusion pump allows flexible feeding modes. Available feeding modes include nutrition-only feeding, nutrition and hydration successively, feeding rotation, and hydration.

Flexible power modes will reduce the workload on managers.

Memory setting

Restore memory settings and begin therapy.

Drug Library

Displays the name of the drug and the dose limit. Check the overdose setting automatically.

MX Infusion WorkStation

The Tecnomedics MX Infusion WorkStation is an integrated infusion therapy solution, with intelligent analysis and integrated control.

Relay infusion

Continuous infusion therapy with infusion relay. Two flexible relay modes are provided: infusion termination relay and volumetric termination relay.

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