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Tecno Bed

Recovery and Transfer Stretcher

Tecno Bed E-8 Transport Stretcher

  • The main platform of the stretcher, equipped with imported double up and down hydraulic pump systems, is made of X-ray exposed material.

  • Central locking system and fifth wheel steering make the stretcher move smoothly, reliably and lightly.

  • The table has high-low, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg functions that are controlled by foot pedals on both sides of the table.

  • The back of the stretcher has the central locking pedals, the bottom cover is made of ABS material and has a unique shape that can be easily cleaned.

  • The stretcher is equipped with aluminum alloy infusion bars, drainage hooks and folding side rails.

  • It is the best choice for the emergency room and ICU room to transfer patients.

The new  Stretcher E-8 , has variable-height hydraulic lifts to facilitate safe transportation and optimal patient recovery within the hospital.

Camilla de traslado e8

Tecno Bed E-3 Transfer Strecher

  • Both the platform and side rails are made of patterned ABS material

  • The backrest is controlled by a hydraulic auxiliary gas spring.

  • The adjustable height is operated by crank.

  • 150 mm diameter wheels with central locking system.

  • To be equipped with steering wheel.

Camilla de traslado

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