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Tecno Live

Vital Signs Monitors

V series

X series

monitor de signos vitales serie V
monitor de signos vitales
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Adapting to the needs of the patient, the TecnoLiveV Series allows clinical monitoring, including:

Cardiology, Anesthesia, Hemodynamics, Neurology, Respiratory. ​

12.1, 15 and 17-inch touch screen with customizable quick menu allows intuitive handling during patient care.

Based on its parameter scalability and impressive ultra-slim design, the TecnoLive X Series meets your primary clinical requirements in various settings, including: emergency rooms, general rooms, rehabilitation department, cardiac units, and hospital transfers. covering all types of patients, from neonates to adults.

monitor de signos vitales
monitor de signos vitales

3-segment alarm lights provide the clearest indications ever: alarm / silence status / alarm pause


•6-lead placement for more ECG waveforms.
•Automatic cable type detection.
•iSEAP algorithm, industry leader with auto-detection of 33 types of arrhythmias. •SEMIP algorithm includes 208 types of ECG with a variety of age and gender.


• Double dust filter design, helping to avoid internal obstructions, providing accurate NIBP readings.
• Unique cleaning mode for routine maintenance.
• iCUFS algorithm with intelligent deflation technology.


• iMAT algorithm with excellent resistance to motion and low perfusion
• Baseline Perfusion Index (PI) reading from 0 to 10 based on changes in perfusion.
• Simultaneous SpO2 and NIBP measurements of the same limb.

Eco-friendly fanless design and special night mode help keep noise low in critical departments, especially during night monitoring.

monitor de signos vitales
monitor de signos vitales

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