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Surgery lamp

PhoLux ProDual

PhoLux ProDual is the new double ceiling operating room lamp with LED spotlights, which can provide cold light during all types of surgeries, thus avoiding the heating caused by conventional light bulbs.

Surgical lights from PhoLux ProDual ,   use an ultra slim wear streamlined lamp head.

PhoLux Pro , is the innovative procedure light with wall mount, LED spotlights, combines impressive strength with excellent handling, incomparable focus quality, with minimal heat emission and high color temperature. 

It offers maximum performance in any application in the hospital, surgery center or doctor's office.

PhoLux   Mobile ,  can be used in extreme conditions, when emergency power is not available only in regions where emergency power is not available only in regions It is available in variable and intermittent form.

Firm pedestals mounted on anti-static wheels, a heavy mobile frame standing in a "u" shape, and a roller immobilizer device that  guarantee great stability, mobility and therefore safe movement to any area of the operating room

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Lampara de cirugia Tecnolight

PhoLux Pro

PhoLux Mobile

bateria de respaldo lampara tecnomedics

Optional Backup Battery

Estimated battery use time: 8hrs.

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